New Sponsor: Icelandair

Icelandair is the latest airline to join my project of visting all 321 countries and territories of the world.

Icelandair sponsored my flights Billund-Keflavik and Keflavik-Stockholm. Both flights were on time, comfortable with fair amount of leg room and complimentary juice, tea and coffee. Icelandair is ranked as a 3-star airline by SkyTrax and I think it’s very fair when I compare my over 600 flights with various airlines. Icelandair has routes to 25 destinations in Europa and North America and was launched in 1937 under the name Flugfélag Aukureyrar.

Icelandair has also introduces Icelandair hotels all over Iceland and Icelandair Akureyri was a pleasant experience. This 3-star hotel is the best in Akureyri with comfortable rooms and very much comparable to a Holiday Inn hotel. The most memorable was however the Icelandic product, Soley Organics which you can enjoy exclusively only at Icelandair hotels.

I can’t thank Icelandair enough for being part of my travel project, it made a big difference for me and I can highly recommend you to take a look at their website as Iceland is a great destination for travellers.