New Sponsor: Atlantic Airways

The Faroe Island’s national airline, Atlantic Airways is the latest airline to join my project which gave me the chance to visit this unique destination. The Faroe Islands are 18 islands located between Scotland and Iceland and is a territory under Denmark with their own language and culture.

Atlantic Airways sponsored my flight from Billund, Denmark to Vagar Airport in The Faroe Island and a return flight to London Gatwick. My first flight was in 2000 on my way to “Tv Byen” in Copenhagen to be an expert on national Tv. Atlantic Airways is pretty much the same experience as SAS used to be. They serve you a meal on a short flight like Billund-Faroe Island which is only 1 hour and 40 minutes. Furthermore kids gets toys exactly like I did as a 12-year old on SAS in 2000.
If you want a really unique travel experience I can highly recommend The Faroe Islands and as Atlantic Airways is your only choice it’s well worth to have a look at their website below.