Montpelier Plantation

With Relais&Chateaux I have found what I’m looking for in travels. A unique different experince on a high level each time. Montpelier Plantation is one of the few Caribbean Relais&Chateaux and as always I arrived excited to explore the hotel.

A warm welcome is always important and the receptionist of Montpelier Plantation gave me an excellent first impression of the place. I was shown the property before being escorted to the room where a welcome drink in terms of a fruitpunch waited for me.

Montpelier only has 2 suites so I stayed in premier room which was too basic for my taste. It was comfortable and had a very comfortable bed, but that was about it. A great bed is always very important, but I wish there was something else to be excited about. What made me excited about Montpelier Plantation was the property itself. It was extremly beautiful designed everywhere and with a fantastic swimming pool.

When you stay in a small hotel you always hope for personalized service and the staff of Montpelier Plantation was some of the best I experienced in The Caribbean. They have a better service mentality than most islands and that makes a difference. Afternoon tea is included for all guests and was excellent. Cuisine is one of the 5C’s and a tasting menu is priced at USD $75.

Overall a very nice Relais&Chateaux experience. Rooms is too basic for my taste, but the property itself is very beautiful and with great staff.

My opinion: Great experience.