Monthly Update About My Project (June,15)

It’s time for my monthly update about my project. As I have pointed out before, I believe daily updates belong on Twitter, and I only update Facebook once a month. When it comes to visiting all countries in the world, I think it’s fair to say it’s the beginning of the end. Only 21 countries left. It’s been a hectic last couple of month, and I am sorry for not updating you last month. I often feel I have to do the work of a small company all by myself, and my priority has been to get trips organized and experience the destinations I have visited.

I the past two months, I have been to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, North Korea and now in Tibet, where I write this update with altitude sickness. I have spend lots of time in my base, the UAE to obtain visas, check out hotels and planning trips. It is proven yet again to be fantastic city when it comes to visas. In 2011, I got my Indian visa in 5 days in Abu Dhabi. In 2013 I got my Afghanistan visa in one day in Dubai. This time, I got the Kazakhstan visa in one day in Abu Dhabi, while the Tajikistan visa took less than 24 hours at their consulate in Dubai. Instead of writing too much about each new country, I have been, there will instead be destination articles uploaded soon. The one about Kazakhstan is already on.

Three new countries and one new territory aren’t much in two months, but it’s four difficult destinations for sure. North Korea was the most interesting place I have ever been, and I am about to write the article about it. Tibet is a special place as well, and like a completely different world from China. I suffer from altitude sickness at the moment, and it is recommended to do research on this before visiting. I have spent lots of time at Shangri-La’s Oxygen Lounge and helped me through the first tough night.

Until next month, I am planning to visit Mongolia, East Timor and hopefully Bhutan. I still hope to complete all countries by the end of the year, finishing with Israel in November or December.