Miramare Boutique Hotel

Miramare Boutique Hotel is one of Cagliari’s best hotels with only 18 rooms and a quite unique experience to offer. It is located in Palazzo Devoto which is an old palace from the end of the 1800.

My experience started with a warm welcome in the evening and I immediately noticed the homely feeling of Miramare. I stayed in a lovely Junior Suite which had a lovely unique design. Unique as I haven’t seen the exact same in any other hotel. Everything was very contemporary and with many unique design details. It also had a small outdoor area which was a really nice touch. Furthermore it had a beautiful view of harbour. Complimentary internet access is always appreciated, but it was really slow at Miramare and definitely something to improve.

The service at Miramare is really good and makes a difference in the experience. What I will remember most is of course the unique design, but the staff is really helpful and friendly. Including the breakfast staff where I had a good breakfast. There isn’t many facilities at Miramare, but like in many European hotels, that isn’t the reason to stay there. Then you would have to stay in many of the impersonalal 5 star hotels which are only 5 star because of their facilities.

To sum up, Miremare is a unique experience and deserve a lot of credit for it’s design, service and breakfast. It’s not boutique hotel, not a luxury hotel and might not be for everyone, but if you want a very interesting experience and to stay in Cagliari’s best, Miramare is the place to stay.

My opinion: Great experience.