Marriott Miri

The most important thing for people when it comes to hotels is value. Malaysia is perfect for that since their currency is very weak. When visiting Miri, Marriott is the only luxury choice and like every other Marriott I’ve been to it’s always up to some standards.

I stayed in a standard room, and it was up the Marriott’s standards. It had a design similar to other Marriott hotels, a comfortable bed and a flatscreen-Tv.

The Internet is chargeable and expensive and not available anywhere in the hotel free of charge. I know a lot of travellers select their hotels after where they can get free internet, so people should be aware of this if the internet it’s important.

The service in this hotel is good, all of the staff is friendly, but of course not anywhere near the top of the world, but who would expect that for 100 USD per night? And exactly the price, 100 USD per night in the month of July is very low at a Marriott resort and makes it good value. The facilities is fine, and the swimming pool is nice. Furthermore, this hotel has great activities for its guests like outdoor cinema three times a week.

Overall a good choice for people who know’s Marriott standards and are looking for a cheap 5-star hotel to relax in. Highly recommended for families.

My opinion: Good experience.