Lydmar Hotel Stockholm

Lydmar Hotel is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World with a central location in Stockholm and only 46 rooms. Since the rates at Lydmar are among the highest in Scandinavia, I arrived with high expectations at check in. My first impressions of the hotel wasn’t good. A cold check in where the first comment is: Can I have your credit card? Is unaccepable. The check in is a very important part of a hotel stay and a chance for the hotel to make a great first impression for the guest, but Lydmar didn’t. I wasn’t escorted to the room as I would expect in a small hotel and the room didn’t have any welcome amenities. Now on the positive note, my Classic King Room was very beautifully designed with comfortable bed, L’Occitane products and complimentary high speed internet. It unfortunately also had mistakes like no working desk and the shower wasn’t separated from the bathtub. A working desk is a must in any city hotels as there is a high number of business travellers and even resorts have them in most rooms, but Lydmar didn’t.

Lydmar don’t have many facilities, but the design and location is what makes the hotel great. I stayed in Grand Hotel 3 years ago and it’s just next door. Lydmar Has an agreement with Grand Hotel so guests can use their spa facilities for free. It was good to be back as it really is truly great spa facilities. The stay ended with a very good breakfast, but again was service not up to my expectations. The first comment was “we close in 2 minutes”. Again, a very bad first impression, especially since there was at least 7 minutes until 10.30 where the breakfast would close.

The bottom line is that Lydmar has so much potential with it’s wonderful location and beautiful design. I have to be honest in my reviews and I am sad to say the service wasn’t up to my expectations. I have had similar experiences in some of the cheapest SLH-properties, but there is lots of training to be done for Lydmar to get the service to a level that can justify the high rates. Overall great due to it’s location, design, high speed internet access and Grand Hotel-agreement, with service and attention to detail as the only problems.

My opinion: Great experience.