LUX* Ile de La Reunion

Introduction: LUX* Ile de La Reunion is one of the only two 5-star hotels in the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion. The LUX* chain has done a great job with this colonial-styled property, although the service, of course, can’t compete with destinations with massive tourism. It is a bit slow as you would expect, but the beach and the property itself make it a great experience, I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Reunion.

Arrival experience: Friendly welcome before being offered a drink and escorted to the room.

What I loved: A LUX* experience in an unusual location.

What about the food: Breakfast is fine, but better at the other Lux* properties.

Number of rooms: 174 rooms.


Type of property: Beach resort.

Location: Reunion.

Facilities: Gym, spa and a phone box where you can call home.

Complimentary internet: Yes.

Affiliations: Kiwi Collection.

My overall impression: Great experience.