Latest Sponsor: Malawian Airlines

Malawian Airlines was formed last summer after the liquidation of Air Malawi, the former national airline. Malawian Airlines is also the latest airline to participate in my journey to all countries by offering me a one way ticket from Lilongwe to Johannesburg with a stop in Blantyre.

The flight itself was very pleasant with comfortable seats and a good complimentary on-board meal. My experience in Malawi was limited to two days in Lilongwe, but very adventurous. Simply exploring the city only by hitchhiking with locals. It was very easy and the locals are wonderful. To my surprise, there are many modern cars in Lilongwe and it was actually a comfortable experience. I look forward to fully explore Malawi in a hopefully not to distant future. For now, it’s all about getting the project completed and I thank Malawian Airlines and the Malawian Tourist Board for making the visit possible.