Latest Sponsor: Jubba Airways

The unofficial national airline of Somalia, Jubba Airways is the latest airline to see the potential in what I am doing. Jubba Airways has a 100% safety record and operates some of the toughest destinations of the world. My first flight was from Nairobi to Mogadishu, and you can read about my experience in the article: 5 minutes in Mogadishu. From Mogadishu, I flew up to Somaliland located north of Somalia. A very pleasant experience where I was offered free visa on arrival, an experience I will share more about shortly.

From Hargeisa, Jubba Airways took me to Djibouti on the following day. All flights were very comfortable with drinks and food offered. I didn’t feel much difference flying Jubba than any other national airlines of the world. If you are going to Mogadishu or Hargeisa, please don’t hesitate to consider Jubba Airways as you have absolutely nothing to worry about.