Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel is located 3 hours drive from Kigali and only 2 kilometres from the border of DRC. Rwanda don’t have many great hotels, but the two Serena hotels are highly recommended. I arrived in the afternoon and received a warm welcome before being escorted to the room. The room was like an average Hilton hotel. Nothing special and unfortunately with a missing flatscreen Tv. Instead it had complimentary internet which unfortunately was a bit slow during my stay. The bed was fully comfortable and the beach view very nice.

The food is always important in a resort and it was OK and reasonable priced. The facilities included a smaller gym and business facilities. The hotel works as a full service hotel you can count on in a unique location. The beach is another plus and as Rwanda is very safe I can highly recommend to take a local bus from Kigali. It’s one of the most beautiful journeys I’ve taken in my travels.

My opinion: Good+ experience.