La Residence d’Angkor

After a wonderful stay in Orient-Express hotel Jimbaran Puri in Bali, I decided to try another hotel from this luxurious chain. La Residence has a 5/5 overall rating on Tripadvisor, and there has been written an amazing thing about this hotel so I arrived with high expectations. The first impressions were good, and the check in process went easy. I was escorted to the room by the receptionist, but surprisingly enough there was no welcome drink as it is standard in every resort I’ve been. Instead, I was given a voucher for my welcome drink which I could have in their bar anytime I wanted. I didn’t like that detail; I like to have a welcome drink and a towel after I arrive in resorts, not to have it after the real welcome.

The room is nice with its colonial style, and the bathroom has a specially designed bathtub. The room is far from the best I’ve stayed in many ways. The most critical thing about it is the Tv, the old box type of Tv that makes the room look bad. Fortunately enough it was possible to hide the Tv which I of course did. The internet worked fine and is free of charge. The food is very good, but overpriced since it was almost double of Hotel de la Paix prices which had better food and service.

If I compare with the other Orient-Express Jimbaran Puri, I expected the service to be at the same level, but it’s not. The staff is very friendly and helpful, but their professionalism and attentiveness are not as good as I hoped. It’s not a wow experience. That said it is a fantastic hotel for Cambodia and as you can see on Tripadvisor people is very satisfied. It might be because those people haven’t been to the very best hotels in the world or because they had extremely low expectations for Cambodia. The facilities is good enough, and they have an award winning spa which might be worth to check out. Overall it’s not an unforgettable experience for the luxurious travellers, but it’s one of the best hotels in Cambodia although I prefer Hotel de la Paix.

My opinion: Great experience.