Kinsterna Hotel

Introduction: Kinsterna Hotel is a member of several prestigious marketing organizations and is located near beautiful Monemvasia, an area yet to be discovered by tourists. The rooms are small, but charming and the hotel has its own character. A unique experience awaits at Kinsterna.

Arrival experience: Warm welcome. They know how to welcome a guest.

What I loved: The surroundings, the friendly local staff and the complimentary mini-bar.

What about the food: Great breakfast and dinner. Not fine dining, but good food with local ingredients.

Number of rooms: 27 rooms.


Type of property: Country hotel.

Location: Monemvasia, Greece.

Facilities: Spa and swimming pool.

Complimentary internet: Yes, but slow in the room.

Affiliations: Kiwi Collection, Mr & Mrs Smith and Tablet Hotels.

My overall impression: Great+ experience.