Khwai River Lodge by Orient-Express

Khwai River Lodge was my second Orient-Express lodge in Botswana. After a fantastic experience at Savute Elephant Camp, I went to Khwai River Lodge with high expectations. As in Savute, the staff sing for you when you arrive. I’ve said before that I love Orient-Express because each property is different, bu the experience in Khwai River Lodge is very much like Savute. The tent looked almost the same except this didn’t have an outdoor shower. The safari is much better at Savute Elephant Camp, but the food is much better here. It was excellent local food prepared by a really good local chef. The internet was very slow here as in Savute as the use the same connection so keep that in mind if the internet is important for you.

Service is always the most important thing for me and in Khwai River Lodge it was excellent. On my second night, I was the only guest in the hotel, and it was incredible to try. Every staff was very friendly and delivered the personalised service you expect when being the only guest. Out of the three Orient-Express camps, this is the only one with spa and gym. I had a great spa treatment in their spa, and I hope the other camps will get a spa as well.

Overall another great Orient-Express experience. It’s the highest rated Orient-Express camp in Condé Nast Traveller and after my stay in all three, I agree. It’s the best, but the Safari is better in Savute.

My opinion: Great+ experience.