Karibe Hotel

Karibe Hotel is a 86-room business hotel and one of the best places to stay in Port-au-Prince. Besides The Inn at Villa Bambou, Haiti is lacking a truly great place to stay, but two new 5-star hotels is expected to be open within the next year. In the meantime Karibe Hotel is the best option. The hotel has recently been renovated after the earthquake and the lobby is very beautifully restored. The rooms are very comfortable and with fast complimentary internet access.

The service was better than I expected, but of couse far from the level of Villa Bambou and other hotels in The Caribbean. Haiti is the least developed country in The Americas and it’s a difficult place to operate a hotel. The facilities included a beautiful spa called Botanik Spa and a convention center. The breakfast was good and the room service menu very reasonable priced.

Overall very good value for money and definitely recommended as the place to stay in Port-au-Prince unless you have the budget and time to experience the truly lovely Inn at Villa Bambou.

My opinion: Good experience.