JW Marriott Seoul

JW Marriott is the upper level of Marriott’s hotel brands. What I like about Marriott is that it’s always up to a standard of satisfaction, but unfortunately never more than that. You always know what you are going to get, and you get what you pay. Many people, especially business travellers like this concept. You get a nice clean room, basic service, internet that works very well and with important services as room service and laundry. It’s the ideal choice for people that want to feel at home anywhere in the world, but don’t need the attentional and personal service brands like Four Seasons and St. Regis offers.

I arrived in JW Marriott Seoul with the expectation that Marriott would do the basis job one again, and it did. I stayed in a junior suite, and it was very comfortable. It’s the best room I’ve stayed in at Marriott hotels, but very far from the best I’ve stayed in with the best hotels in the world. This hotel is very focused on business, but for the busy business person, it’s a good choice. The Internet that works very well and laundry was fast and efficient.

I also had access to the lounge, and it’s one of the better Marriott lounges in the world with good service. The hotel allowed me to see their great customer service by giving me nearly 100 American dollars at check out because they forgot to ask for my platinum arrival gift at check in. Wow, I did not expect that, but it was highly appreciated. When you go to the swimming pool in the top brand hotels like Four Seasons or St. Regis there’s always been very few people. In JW Marriott Seoul it was full of people, and I didn’t like that, it was like walking into a local swimming pool in town back in Denmark. Again, another different between being a full serviced 5-star hotel like JW Marriott and being a world leader like Four Seasons. Again, you expect that in the price difference.

Another difference can be found that they don’t escort the guest to the room, and there is no handwritten welcome letter in your room. With Marriott, you always know what you going to get.

Overall a great choice for people that need the basis 5-star needs and good value, but for a hotel experience you better look elsewhere in Seoul.

My opinion: Good experience.