JW Marriott Bangkok

I’ve stayed in many Marriott hotels in all part of the world, and they are always up to a good standard. Before arriving in JW Marriott Bangkok my favourite Marriott hotel was The Stellaris & Casino Resort in Aruba, but after reading about this hotel, I walked in with high expectations. If you look all over the internet people likes this hotel and finds it excellent for business, but with one major problem. The wireless internet is chargeable in the standard rooms but is available free of charge in the executive lounge for the frequent Marriott travellers. I asked for a tour of the lounge, and it was an impressive lounge with a lot of space and a great selection of food.

The service in this hotel is good and the best I’ve seen from Marriott. An example of the good service is that I ordered a pizza, but it was 3 minutes too late from what they said, so I got it complimentary because of the time guarantee. I stayed here for two nights, so I had to experience the service all the time to get the whole picture of it. As soon as you arrive at the hotel, you start to experience the service. There are a lot of the people to take care of you before you arrive in the lobby, where there is a security check similar with the one in Four Seasons Jakarta. Some people hate those security checks and for some, it even makes them afraid, but for me, it’s not a problem and prefers it in any destination where there is a risk.

Because I’m not elite with Marriott, I only stayed in a standard room called Deluxe Room; it’s nice but very similar with all the other Marriott’s I’ve stayed. In my opinion, you always know what you are getting from Marriott, same quality all around, but the service level will depend on the destination. As I said earlier the service is the best I’ve seen from Marriott, but still far from the service I’ve experienced in Four Seasons hotels. I can’t complain about anything in this hotel, the facilities are great as well and won’t disappoint. The Location is perfect especially for tourist even though taxis in Bangkok probably is the cheapest in the world. Overall really good value, it’s not a special experience for luxury travellers, but you can always count on Marriott.

My opinion: Good+ experience.