Jetwing Beach Negombo

Based on my two previous stay with Jetwing I arrived with expectations of a great SLH hotel. Let me be the first to admit that my stay was shorter than usual, but I did my best to check the hotel in all areas.

I arrived late and was surprised to be welcomed by the general manager, but Alex told me he had waited for me all day and I explained the bus from Northen Sri Lanka took much longer time than I thought.

I immediately went to the dinner buffet and it was quite good. If you have read my blog you would know that I normally don’t like dinner buffets, but this was one of the better ones with a great selection of food.

After the dinner I was escorted to my room. I was very happy to get upgraded to one of their only 3 suites which had a personal butler. The room also had a jacuzzi in the bathroom, flatscreen Tv and a balcony with a seaview. Overall a great suite and I was excited to check out the service.

The service was very good. The butler was great and the rest of the staff was very helpful. It makes a big difference that the Sri Lankan people is friendly of heart. Like the other Jetwing hotels this hotel don’t charge for internet and it was very fast both in the lobby and in the room.

With a location only 15 minutes from Colombo International Airport this is a perfect choice for a quality hotel when having a stopover in Colombo. Alternatively as part of a SriLankan holiday.

My opinion: Good experience.