How to Obtain a Visa for Suriname

Suriname is a wonderful destination, but unfortunately the only country in South America where westerners must obtain a visa in advance. A few nationalities can now obtain visa on arrival, but far from all and what if you would like to travel overland?

Georgetown, the capital of English speaking Guyana is well-connected with low cost carriers to The Caribbean. In Georgetown you can obtain a multiple tourist visa for Suriname in just two hours with no requirements. The embassy is located in a quiet, safe residential part of the city. Keep in mind Georgetown has a high crime rate and it’s a place to be careful, but I had no problems.

There are a few companies arranging transport all the way to Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital or you can save a little by only going to the border (ferry station) and take a new bus on the other site. Ask any hotel or hostel in Georgetown and they can help you book they trip. The tour operator will pick you up from your hotel early morning and you will arrive in Paramaribo late same day.

Note, that a multiple entry visa will allow you to visit French Guiana as well which border with Suriname also is separated with a boat ride. It’s highly recommended to book a ticket for the French Guiana-bus in advance as it’s said to always be sold out at the time of departure.