How to Obtain a Visa for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an interesting travel destination which some lists in Europe and some in Asia. Most of their nationalteams belongs to the European system and Azerbaijan sings every year at the European Song Contest.

Getting a visa for Azerbaijan can be a challenge at many European embassies with requirements such as personal invitation. Batumi, the 2nd biggest city of Georgia have been reported to be an easy place to obtain the visa so I decided to check it out. Conclusion: Suprisingly easy. No requirements, just fill in a form, two passport photos and 50 Euros (preferred in local currency). It takes up to three days, but it is possible in just one business day if you ask kindly.

This information may change as the Consul told me he is going back to Baku and as he said “next Consul might not be as friendly”

Visa on arrival is possible at Baku International Airport with an Electronic Visa. Victory Tour is highly recommended.