How to Get a Visa for Ghana

Ghana is one of the more stable countries in West Africa and a potential travel destination for many adventure travellers. The only problem is the visa and cost of flights. If you are already in Africa there are a number of airlines flying into Accra including low cost Gambia Bird. Getting a visa is really hard and some travellers now report it as one of the most difficult in Africa and Nigeria being an easier one to obtain.

I received a “no” to obtain a tourist visa at 7 embassies because of no invitation. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso is said to be the place to get it at the moment, but you must write a letter explaining why you didn’t obtain it in your home country.

I couldn’t go to Burkina Faso as Abidjan was the current place with plans to go overland. The embassy in Abidjan also refused to issue a visa, but offered instead a 2 day transit visa for half the price of the tourist visa. It worked out easily, took two days and had no requirements. Except, 4 application forms and 4 passport photos.

The border crossing into Ghana was without hassle with friendly immigration staff. They also informed me they can issue a transit visa on the border with no requirements, but this has however not been confirmed anywhere on the internet.