How to Get a Myanmar Visa on Arrival

Myanmar is a wonderful travel destination, that is said to be like Thailand was 20 years ago. I enjoyed my visit last year and would like to provide you with some unique travel information.

The visa is said to be easily obtained at their embassy in Bangkok, but its possible to get both tourists- and business visa on arrival. Cheaper or same price at the embassy charge. Simply contact your hotel in Myanmar, which will provide you a few PDF pages to print out and bring on arrival in Yangon International Airport.

My visa were issued in less than 5 minutes and are priced at 40 to 50 dollars, depending on the type of the visa. It saved me a lot of time and money being in Singapore, not having to travel to Bangkok first to obtain the visa. I have been told visa on arrival might be possible for western countries in the future, but due to lack of facilities, they simply can’t handle it at the moment. That is probably also why this information I’m providing isn’t available elsewhere on the web.