How Did You Get So Many Sponsors?

I started my blog in 2010 writing only about luxury hotels. By focusing only on luxury hotels and as I was a young man with a project, many hotels accepted my request. The key to success is e-mailing and follow-up on the emails you send. I would go to a destination based on where I could get world class accommodation. In 2012, having travelled more than 100 countries, I ran out of money. At the same time, it became possible for me to get free tickets with some of the airlines and I decided to go for all 193 countries in the world.

It takes a lot of time to find the correct e-mail of General Managers of the hotels and CEO’s of the airlines, but for me, it was well-worth it. My advice is only to contact airlines after you have a high amount of followers, or you have a unique idea. Most will say no, but some will say yes, and it makes all the difference.