Hotels Miss Your Wake Up Call – What Can You Do?

Having stayed in more than 800 of the world’s best hotels, I have experienced how some of the world’s leading hotels have missed my wake-up call. Oberoi Amarvillas in Agra being the most famous, with its room views of the Taj Mahal. In total, I have ordered a wake up call in about half of the 800 hotels and with a total of 11 missed wake up calls. 11 missed wake up calls of 400 is way too much, but most recently I have kept to two principles that have been very helpful, in making sure I get up in the morning.

1) Don’t count on the wake-up call and make sure to set your own alarm clock. Also, make sure it has enough battery for the night.

2) If you want to get up at 9 AM, don’t order a wake-up call at 9 AM, but at 9:03 AM. In the bigger hotels, there might be twenty-five other guests ordering a wake-up call at the same time and that increase the risk of missing your wake up call. Also, if you order it for 9:03 AM, it will probably be written down immediately.

By doing the above, you are quite simply making yourself a V.I.P and your wake up call a high priority.