Hotel Thérèse Paris

Introduction: Located near the famous Louvre museum, Hotel Thérèse is a small boutique hotel with membership of Tablet Hotels. The rooms are small, but beautiful and with complimentary internet access. The lobby has a computer room for guest to use but besides that no facilities. Hotel Thérèse is for people looking for great value, high comfort, but don’t need the facilities you find in the bigger, often over-priced, hotels.

Arrival experience: Warm welcome from the reception. No escort to the room.

What I loved: The location and friendly reception-staff.

What about the food: Small breakfast buffet, could do better.

Number of rooms: 40.


Type of property: City hotel.

Location: Paris, France.

Complimentary internet: Yes.

Affiliations: Tablet Hotels.

My overall impression: Good+ experience.