Hotel Storchen

Hotel Storchen offers a fantastic central location in Zürich combined with a high service level from great staff. That is what I will remember Hotel Storchen after my one night stay in this Summit hotel.

The arrival experience was very easy before I was escorted to my room where the bellboy gave a room orientation. I stayed in a junior suite and it was very nice. Comfortable bed, complimentary cable internet, separate shower from the bath tub and a modern design. What I loved most about it was the view and the fantastic location.

The most important thing in a hotel is the service and Storchen had extremly great staff which delievered good service. Not the best in Switzerland, but as you would expect. Storchens rates is among the highest in Zürich and you pay for service and the location. It’s the best I could think of.

Overall a great experience to the portfolio. Great staff and location. The junior suite was lovely as well and overall very satisfied.

My opinion: Good experience.