Hotel San Luca

Spoleto is a small Italian town located 1-hour direct train ride from Rome. I wanted to travel from Bologna to Rome with a stopover, and I found Spoleto interesting because of the extremely positive Tripadvisor feedback of Hotel San Luca. Furthermore, I wanted to see a different part of Italy than large cities I’ve already been. Arrived in Spoleto, I found the town interesting and with extremely friendly people. It had beautiful surroundings while I walked from the train station to the Hotel San Luca. Based on what I read to the hotel I didn’t know what to expect since the positive reviews could have been made by people who never had experienced a luxury hotel before.

I arrived at the hotel, and it looks nice with a nice homely atmosphere, and the receptionist welcomed me, and we did the registration before I was escorted to the room. The room was a Comfort room, and while it was old, it was better than expected and nice. It had a classic look and was comfortable to stay in. All the staff were extremely friendly, and it has that homely feeling you will see other people are writing about. The hotel is located 20 minutes walk from the train station and 10 minutes from the city centre. Not the best location, but it’s acceptable.

I was able to see a junior suite as well, and they are very nice with private stairs, flatscreen Tv and jacuzzi in the bathroom. I’m sure you won’t find a better choice if you’re going to Spoleto and it’s a good idea to do that. It’s only a 1-hour train ride from Rome and cost less that 15 EUR one way. While you shouldn’t compare this hotel with the best in the world, you can still have a simple, homely hotel experience which you don’t find very often.

My opinion: Good experience.