Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

Pulitzer is a member of Starwood’s Luxury Collection and based on my experiences with the brand in the past I arrived with expectations.

I stayed during the very peak season and the hotel was fully booked. I was disappoited to stay in a standard room which only had 18 square metres and the smallest bathroom I have seen. Not nice. The bed was comfortable though, internet fast and the flatscreen quite large.

The most important thing is always the service and it was a mixed experience. The staff were professional, but some had an attitude problem which sometimes can be found in big hotels in Europe. One of the receptionist were quite rude when I kindly asked why it was neccesary with my pincode to guarantee the room as I’ve never experienced that before.

Enough about that. The general service level was as you would expect. It’s definitely more a business hotel than a leisure hotel and unless you’re on a business trip there is better options in Amsterdam.

Overall a very good Luxury Collection hotel. I preferred Amstel and consider Pulitzer way too big for my personal taste. I have seen much better service from Luxury Collection elsewhere, but it’s overall a hotel that works in all areas as a 5 star luxury hotel.

My opinion: Good experience.