Hotel de la Paix

Ten years ago only a few tourists visited Cambodia. Now the tourism is increasing, and that can be seen on the luxury hotel side as well. The only SLH member in the country is Hotel de la Paix in Siem Reap. This hotel has received excellent reviews all over the internet, and I was excited to judge it myself.

I arrived at the hotel early in the morning and got a warm welcome by the brilliant staff. I was immediately impressed how beautiful the property was while I sat down with a drink and a cold towel. After that, I was escorted to my deluxe suite. It’s a charming suite with rotatable Tv so you can have it either in the bedroom or living room. Everywhere in the hotel, you will find beautiful design and Hotel de la Paix deserves to be one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. While the suite and hotel itself were top class, I looked forward to experiencing the service further.

I was very surprised. The staff is top trained, very friendly and professional in every aspect. You might not believe me, but they are one level better than the top resorts in Thailand I’ve visited. Their English and professionalism are better, and their friendliness is at same high level.

The hotel has a gym which is not among the best I’ve seen, but acceptable and the staff take good care of you anywhere in the hotel. This hotel has a detail I’ve never seen anywhere; there is simply a guy at the entrance with cold towels every time you enter. I like that detail especially when it’s incredibly hot outside.

The food was another positive surprise. It was excellent and better than expected. Try the American burger for only 5 dollars; it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, and it’s quite big. The breakfast could have a larger selection of food, but the food there is top class.

Overall this hotel was one of the biggest positive surprises I’ve had. It’s maybe the best value you can have in the world. A hotel like this in Europe or USA would probably cost five times the price, but then you will still miss the service of Hotel de la Paix. It’s an extraordinary experience, even for people that have stayed in some of the best in the world. It’s different, unique and beautiful. Highly recommended for a luxurious experience.

My opinion: Fantastic experience.