Hotel Boutique Kotoni

Hotel Boutique Kotoni recently opened in Tirana as the first smoke free hotel in Albania. Officially it’s a 4 star hotel, but as I’ve written many times before you can’t judge a hotel by it’s stars. The photos and first reviews has been excellent and as the only other good hotel in Albania is Sheraton it was an easy decision to select it as my second hotel.

Hotel Boutique Kotoni has a very contemporary design including the comfortable room which highlight was the 3D “42 inches thin flatscreen Tv which I really enjoyed. The bed was a little hard and the bathroom didn’t have a bathtub, but besides that a very comfortable and great room which I preferred to the one in Sheraton. The internet was complimentary, fast and wireless. For business travelers that would be excellent as Sheraton don’t offer any of those three.

The service was good. Most staff spoke English and was helpful. With only 25 rooms personalized service is possible, but overall Sheraton’s staff are more well-trained as expected. Hotel Boutique Kotoni is the place I would stay again in Tirana for it’s comfortable, contemporary design and the fact that everything works.

My opinion: Good+ experience.