Hotel 1000 Seattle

Hotel 1000 has received great recognition in the past, and it was an easy decision to include this hotel in my project. I was very impressed with the Conde Nast recognition where it was voted one of the world’s 100 best hotels in their gold list.I arrived at the hotel but was surprised I had to wait for check in. Number one priority for Americans is to have a fast check in so they should be better to organise this, but mistakes can always happen. The hotel offers complimentary champagne when you check in, and I really liked that detail. I was escorted to my room and there was a welcome note from the general manager, chocolates, water and fruit. All very nice. I stayed in a grand deluxe was fantastic. The best thing would be to call it a junior suite and I really liked it. As you can see in the photos below it had amazing views especially from the bathtub which was a little wow factor. The bed was comfortable and the design was very modern. I really liked it. A little special. The bathroom had Molton Brown products which is one of my favorites.

The most important thing is the service and although they had thought of a lot of details it was not at the same level as the best. Most staff was very friendly and helpful, but that was about it. This hotel also offers complimentary car service within the city centre and it’s a nice detail more and more hotels around the world have realized. The internet is complimentary, but the speed could be better. The other facilities were nice as well and overall it’s a great experience for the price. The breakfast was a huge disappointment and is something the hotel needs to work on right away.

Overall it’s a great experience to the portfolio. Not an unforgettable experience, but a great hotel experience with brillaint design and good service.

My opinion: Great experience.