Hilton Kuching

Going to Kuching, you don’t have many choices of a luxury hotel. Sheraton, Hilton and Pullman is your choices, so I picked Hilton because of a 50% off weekend promotion. It made the room cost approximately 50 dollars which are cheap for a 4-star Hilton hotel. This hotel won a Tripadvisor award a few years ago for the best value in the world. After I’ve stayed here, I have to say it can only be because it’s one of the cheapest Hilton hotels in the world. The quality is not there.

First of all the rooms is very dated, secondly the service is not as good as you would expect in a Hilton hotel. I talked with the hotel about the old rooms, and they said they’d go through a renovation before October 2011. I stayed in a standard room, and it was very far from my standards and did not feel like a 4-star hotel without a flat screen Tv and a very dated design. The property itself has all the facilities to be a 4-star, and they are nice. The staff is very friendly, but not very professional. The lounge is nice and had a wireless internet and fine service.

Overall this hotel is not up to Hiltons standards, but not a bad hotel, and the value is very good. They’ll update their room within the next year and then I’m sure it will be up to Hiltons standards again. I’ll give it 7 out of 10 for its value and facilities and because it’s the best choice if you’re going to Kuching.

My opinion: Good experience.