Hilton Colombo Residence

Going to Colombo, you don’t have many choices of a luxury hotel. Based on Tripadvisor Hilton Colombo Residence looked like a safe choice. When I arrived, there was a lot of security like if you go to a hotel in Jakarta or Bali, but it went easy, and I was ready for check in. The check in process is very basis in this all-residence suite hotel, but surprisingly for a Hilton they escort the guest to the suite.

The suite had red wine, welcome letter, fruits and chocolates waiting for me and that was a nice touch too. The best thing about this hotel is the service, which is really good combined with extremely good cheap food, this hotel were much better than expected. The suite is very old and dated, it dosesn’t have any flatscreen Tv’s and looks very old, but you can live with that when you’re in a city without top hotels, and you receive good service and food. Overall highly recommended as a good choice in Colombo. Excellent value, good service and food, but keep in mind it’s old.

My opinion: Good experience.