Greenways Hotel

Greenwich is a small 5-star hotel located 20 minutes from the city centre of Cape Town. Cape Town is famous for having a lot of great small boutique hotels so I decided to try one of them. Tripadvisor can be a good website for checking out hotels, and very unusual this hotel was recommended by 100%, really impressive and one of the reasons why I selected the hotel.

With rates starting at USD 250 pr. night I did not have the same expectations as in the Mount Nelson Hotel. I expected it to be good value for money and to have a different hotel experience and it was. It’s like staying in a house, but in a hotel at the same time. I stayed in one of their suites and it was very nice although a bit old. I did not have flat screen Tv’s, but the owners is very much aware that people expect this these days and the hotel will soon have flatscreen Tv’s in all rooms. What I liked most about the room was the beautiful garden view you have from the balcony and the feeling of a home.

The service is very good and all staff treated me like an important guest, as you should be treated in great small hotel. Not only is this a nice different hotel experience, but it’s also a very affordable place. When staying in hotels you do not only have to look at the price to be staying there, but also to live there. This hotel is value for money. The internet is complimentary and fast, the mini bar is complimentary and any of their services is very fairly priced. Room service and food in general is excellent value for money. The food is very good, but 60-80% lower than you would find in other 5-star hotels in Cape Town. If you want the feeling of home away from home and with great value at the same time, I can highly recommend to try Greenwich Hotel. There is a reason why everyone likes it including celebrity guests like John Malkovich, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

My opinion: Good+ experience.