Grand Papua Hotel

Grand Papua opened in 2011 as the hotel Port Moresby had been waiting for after the tired Crowne Plaza had been the best place to stay for a long time. Grand Papua Hotel has 161 rooms, all smoke free. The entire hotel is smoke free and is definitely appreciated by sensitive travelers like me.

Grand Papua has very high rates close to USD 500 pr. night, but keep in mind Papua New Guinea and its operational costs are very high. Grand Papua offers complimentary airport transfers for all guests and complimentary internet in the Executive Club for guests booked in Club rooms. I stayed in Deluxe Club Room and it was fully up to the same standards as I see in other great business hotels in developing countries. A very comfortable bed, flatscreen Tv, working desk and a great shower in the bathroom. The bathroom amenities were Chinese produced, but good. I would however suggest a more high end product as this is what you expect in a hotel with the rates charged.

Papua New Guinea is a tough place to make service work. There are no hotel schools and almost all the staff have no experience with hospitality. The hotel have to train their staff to the basics, but the hotel works well as a great business hotel. Their Tripadvisor gets better and better and it’s only when you look closely into the details you see there is things to be improved. The food is very good as well although very expensive as you would expect. As there are almost no tourists going to Papua New Guinea it’s mainly business people with money that comes here anyway and for that it works very well.

I highly recommend Grand Papua Hotel if you can afford it. There are not many alternatives in Port MOresby and Crowne Plaza next door seems far away from that level because it’s very tired. In my opinion it seems very well worth to spend a little extra to stay in Grand Papua as long as your budget can handle a USD500 pr. night rate.

My opinion: Great experience.