Grand Lapa Mandarin Oriental Macau

Mandarin Oriental is known as one of the most prestigious hotel brands, but as in any other chains, there are hotels that are better than the others. After a very disappointing experience in Mandarin Oriental Manila, I did not expect the same to happen in Grand Lapa Mandarin Oriental in Macau, but it did. It was a bad stay where the hotel failed in both accommodation and service. First of all, I had to wait for check in when I arrived; secondly, the hotel desperately needs a renovation. I was upgraded to a suite, but it was very outdated, and it felt uncomfortable. There wasn’t even a flatscreen Tv, and we are talking 2010. I did know the property was old and needed renovation, but I did not expect the service to be missing, but it was. When I called, they didn’t pick up the phone, or there was a long wait for them to do so.

Everywhere I went in the hotel the service was slow, and it was very frustrating. When taking a shower, the water goes from extremely cold to hot without your control and makes it horrible to take a bath. I could continue with the many problems I had during my stay. I had a fantastic massage treatment, and that is the only good thing to say about this hotel. I’m happy they are going to do a renovation here next year, and the management has invited me back as they agreed my stay was totally unacceptable. They are sure they can deliver on a whole other level after the renovation. – I’m looking forward to seeing that.

My opinion: Good experience.