Grand Dedale Country House

Kiwi Collection is a great source for finding interesting hotels and with Grand Dedale’s fantastic reviews and photos I arrived excited in this 7 room hotel. Beautifully located just outside the town of Willington this 5-star country house made a great impression from the start. The owner welcomed me and offered a drink before we had a conversation about the place. I was then escorted to my room. A unique Loft Room with a great feel to it. Comfortable bed, free standing bathtub and with complimentary high speed internet. The minibar is located outside the room and is complimentary for all guests.

The property itself is very beautiful and the swimming pool is beautifully designed as a perfect place to relax. My only smaller problem was the noise level in the room, but keep in mind it’s a very intimate house. The food was great and Grand Dedale felt like a small Relais&Chateaux, unfortunately it can’t join as the annual fees is extremly expensive especially for 7 rooms. Grand Dedale only wants to be included in collections where no payment is involved and I hope a Hotel Passion collection can help more guests experiences this beautiful place. Unique rooms with great service and food in a very beautiful location.

My experience: Great+ experience.