Gallery Park Hotel

Gallery Park Hotel has the highest rates in Riga and I was excited to explore how it would compare with it’s competitors.

My experience in Gallery Park Hotel started with a warm welcome by the receptionist. I actually had to wait for her for around 5 minutes as Gallery Park is a small hotel with only 1 receptionist. As I prefer smaller hotels it wasn’t a problem. We did a registration of the stay before I was escorted to the room. The hotel was fully booked and a suite wasn’t possible, instead I had a very nice deluxe room with a very comfortable design. Gallery Park also gave me very nice welcome amenities and everything was set for a great stay.

And it was a great stay. The service was very good and I really liked the staff. Riga is a city with friendly people and the hotels is no exception. For me that makes a huge difference when it comes to service. Helpful and doing their best to make your stay more enjoyable. The facilities included a great gym which I really enjoyed. Their 2 restaurants have a great reputation and I will have to check them out next time I’m in Riga.

Overall another great experience in Riga. After 4 different hotels it’s very hard to pick a winner. They all have different strength, but Gallery Park is definitely one of the top choices and I can highly recommend it.

My opinion: Good+ experience.