Frégate Island Private

Frégate Island Private is one of the most expensive resorts in the world and it’s hard not to have enormous expectations when arriving in The Seychelles.

The experience started when I arrived in Male Airport and the Frégate representative took care of my immigration and escorted me to the car. It took me to the ferry station where the Frégate boat was waiting.

Arriving in Frégate was wonderful and the new general manager Paul van Frank welcomed me before the Indian butler escorted me to the villa. I stayed in a One-bedroom Villa which were very impressive. Complete privacy and incredible views. The villa design is lovely, but without taking any chances as you usually see in independent resort. The villas is massive with 300-400 square metres. It had one bedroom, one living room, large terrace with private pool and jacuzzi. Furthermore two outdoor showers and of course private butler service. The attention to detail is great and met my expectation with handwritten welcome card, nice welcome amenities and a personal program for the stay.

The food was a good experience, but I expected something extraordinary for the rates charged. It was surely great compared with other remote islands, but my problem was again my enormous expectations. The chef was good, but it had been raining for some time on Frégate and unfortunately not all ingredients were fresh.

The internet is complimentary, but when guests are paying 5.000 Euros pr. night I don’t understand why they have to pay for laundry and minibar. It should of course be included at these rates. The spa is very nicely designed and I had a great treatment I would rank among the better one’s I’ve had.

Frégate is currently a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, but in my opinion it’s a wrong match where Relais&Chateaux would be much more suitable.

The service level in Frégate is truly great, but did unfortunately not meet my enormous expectations. The butler from Mumbai was very good, but at the rates charged it should be one of the best in the world. The other staffs were up to a very high standard, but not as good as the best places I’ve stayed and not better than many places. This is a problem when the rates is much higher and that’s what the new GM Paul van Frank has to work with. He has improved many hotels in the past and I hope I get the chance to re-visit Frégate in the future to see if he succeed.

Overall a fantastic experience, but I think you can find experiences on the same level for 20 times less. It’s a very special and exclusive place and the attention to detail is great, but with the incredible high rates I expected close to perfection.

My opinion: Fantastic experience.