Four Seasons Resort Carmelo

Four Seasons is one of my favorite hotel brands and after having explored nearly 30 properties I was excited to experience one of their most exclusive resorts.

Four Seasons Resort Carmelo is located 2 hours with ferry away from Buenos Aires and is one of the smallest Four Seasons hotels. I arrived after a 15 minutes taxi ride from the port and received a warm welcome from the resort manager Mark. Because the resort was fully booked a check in wasn’t possible before 3 PM so I went for lunch and had a great local dish. After a relaxation in the lobby it was finally time for check in at 3 PM. I was escorted to the Premier bungalow and was very happy with it until I saw cleaning equipment. The bungalow wasn’t clean and it was the first time I have ever experienced that after more than 25 Four Seasons stays. The director of housekeeping apologized and they immidiately started cleaning. In the meantime I went out to explore Carmelo on a bike. The hotel offers complimentary bike rentals during your stay and is something I really appreciate. Carmelo is a nice little town and it was intersting to see a less touristy place.

I went back to the hotel at 5 PM and was happy to see a very clean bungalow. The bungalow had an outdoor shower, separate sitting area, flatscreen Tv, large bath tub and a very comfortable bed. A total of 90 square metres made it very spacious and comfortable for a great experience. With Four Seasons I can always count on extraordinary service and great staff. Carmelo was no exception. I was very impressed with the staff and they had the right mentality to deliver personalized service. The bungalow also had champagne and a welcome card from the hotel manager. Nice details I always appreciate and expect from Four Seasons.

The food was excellent. The breakfast was up to the highest standard and lunch and dinner didn’t disappoint me either. The same about the facilities. Indoor and outdoor pool and a beautiful spa which is important to check out during your stay.

Overall a great Four Seasons experience. If you stay here in low season you can find rates as low as $200 dollars for one night. Some of the best value I have seen anywhere in the world. Because of the law you don’t even have to pay tax of that. While it’s a great experience with excellent value I will not place it among the best Four Seasons, but it for sure belongs in a book of over 500 of the best hotels in the world.

My opinion: Great+ experience.