Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

Four Seasons is know as the worlds leading hotel chain and there is many reasons why I like their hotels and resorts. You can count on a nice room with great bed, great service with well trained staff and finally great facilities as well.

Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia was my Four Seasons experience number 25 and it’s time to do a status. Four Seasons is indeed a safe choice whereever I go, but at the same time i’m also looking for as many experiences as possible and I do find their city hotels quite similar in many ways. I wouldn’t therefore call each their hotel unique, but more call their brand unique as all their hotels is very stable because of great management.

I arrived in Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia and was told no suite upgrade was possible due to high occupancy. I was disappointed with my deluxe room for many reasons. Mainly that I had to take a shower standing in a bath tub. It’s well known that bathrooms these days must have a separate shower from the bath tub, but I think Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia has space limits. The room was out-dated and needs renovation. Sadly, I have to say that about the entire hotel. Everywhere is renovation needed. The spa wasn’t a pleasant experience. It’s too out-dated everywhere and I hope Four Seaseons will do something about it as soon as possible.

The most important thing in a hotel however is the service. It was Four Seasons standard and that’s why this hotel still is a pleasant experience. The concierge was one of the best I’ve experienced. They know everything about their city. This hotel could be one of Four Seasons best city hotels, but the entire hotel needs a make over and I hope Four Seasons soon will realize it.

My opinion: Good+ experience.