Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

When you walk into a Four Seasons Hotel, you will always have high expectations. Four Seasons is just one of the top luxury brand that has arrived in Jakarta. Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton and Shangri-La is here as well. I decided to take the Four Seasons because they have the strongest name even though I knew the hotel was very focused on business. When you arrive at the hotel, there is a lot of security because of the terror attack in the Ritz-Carlton last year, but I’m glad for the security and don’t see it as a problem.

At check in I was upgraded to a Premier Room, which is one of the largest rooms there is without being a suite. 100 square meters. The room was nice, but must be one of the weakest in the Four Seasons family. While it’s acceptable for a Four Seasons right now, it might need an upgrade within the next few years.

What’s different from this business hotel and other typical business hotels is the service and the professionalism. The facilities are very nice and feature outdoor swimming pool and a spa/gym area. So there is also something for leisure as well.

The only problem with this hotel is the overcharge of the internet. 6 USD per. hour. I firmly believe the Internet should be free in every hotel, and I know a lot of travellers select their hotel after where they can get free internet.

This hotel is the cheapest Four Seasons in the world. Rates is as low as 105 USD per. Night at several booking sites. Having this in mind, I still highly recommend this hotel for the service and value. It’s not an unforgettable experience, but it’s a great hotel and worth the strong name of Four Seasons.

My opnion: Great experience.