Five Tips for Burundi

Burundi is the located next to Rwanda and Tanzania and don’t have many foreign visitors. I hereby provide some useful tips based on my  personal experience.

1. I obtained my visa at the embassy in Kigali. It took 20 minutes. If you plan to stay maximum 72 hours, the 40-dollar transit visa is a lot cheaper than a tourist visa.

2. I travelled by bus to Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura from Kigali, Rwanda. The price is just 10 dollars, and it was one of the most beautiful journeys I have been on. I was sitting next to businessmen that refused to fly as the journey up and down the hills is something special.

3. The border is quiet and easy. It is possible to exchange money at the border and I was also told it is possible to obtain a visa on the border if you don’t want to get it in Kigali beforehand.

4. Roca Golf Hotel in the capital of Bujumbura is the best hotel in the entire country. Similar to a Marriott hotel and highly recommended.

5. The main attraction of Burundi is the beautiful nature and the hills. The capital itself has a nice beach and a few interesting buildings and monuments.