Experience Svalbard with Spitsbergen Travel

Spitsbergen Travel is the latest company to take part in my project during my visit to Svalbard, part of the Spitsbergen territory of Norway.

My visit was limited to the capital of Longyearbyen, the world’s northenmost city, but was a great experience it was. I stayed Radisson Blu and Spitsbergen Hotel which both has a no shoes-policy. Very interesting to find in a Radisson Blu, that are known for being business hotels. I liked both hotels, but felt Spitsbergen Hotel was a bit more homely. It also had a truly great restaurant named Funktionærmessen. I have eaten in more than 100 Michelin restaurants and if the guide covered Svalbard, Funktionærmessen could definitely deserve a recommendation.

Spitsbergen Travel can arrange both hotels and tours during your stays and you might want to consider their attractive packages available on their website. It also includes the airfare.

Visit www.spitsbergentravel.com