Essque Zalu

Essque Zalu opened in June last year and this beautiful resort is already a member of Preferred Boutique. The first reviews has been excellent in both magazines and Tripadvisor and I arrived excited to judge it myself.

Essque Zalu picked me up from the airport and 1 hour later I arrived in the hotel where Godfrey greeted me at the door. He was extremly friendly and helpful though my stay as the rest of the team. I was offered a drink before being escorted to the room.

I stayed in a Sea View Suite. It had a lovely design, comfortable bed, flatscreen Tv, working desk, outdoor terrace and a lovely sea view. The sea is as beautiful as the other places in the Indian Ocean will take your breath away they first time you see it. On the negative point would be the missing bathtub, but it also shows the eco friendliness of the resort and the sea is only a few steps away. 49 rooms total in Essque Zalu. 40 Suites and 9 villas which are more spacious and luxurious than the suite I stayed in.

The room is never as important as the service and it was much better than expected. After just 6 months of operating they already have a high service level and with extremly kind staff. I didn’t like Stonetown, but the rest of Zanzibar was a really great experience including my stay in Essque Zalu.

The facilities included a huge large swimming pool which is a great place to relax, especially since this resort don’t have it’s own beach. The spa faciltiies was great and the design simple, however I didn’t have a treament.

The food exceeded my expectations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was all much better than I expected and I consider myself a very discerning traveler.

Overall a really great experience and surely a resort that could easily make it into any top 500 list. It’s a quite unique experience as it was different from the other hotels I’ve stayed and I can’t recommended it enough.

My opinion: Great+ experience.