Enoteca la Torre – A Michelin-starred Restaurant in Rome

Food is a great passion of mine. I have eaten at around 100 Michelin-starred restaurant and while it rarely disappoints, I have never had bad food at any of them. I put great trust in the Michelin guide when selecting restaurants to try. Enoteca La Torre, located at Villa Laetitia, has one Michelin star, and it is in my opinion very well deserved.

The lunch experience was fully up to the experience of other one Michelin-starred restaurants I have tried in the past. Lunch here will cost you approximately 50-100 euros depending on your choices and in an expensive city like Rome it is surely worth to be a bit more to have an experience. I found the service to be excellent and personalised, but keep in mind; they were hosting me for this lunch. Below are the beautiful photos of my courses.

Scallops – Hard to resist

An amazing risotto