Eagle Island Camp by Orient-Express

Eagle Island Camp was my last lodge to visit in Botswana before going back to South Africa. After my experience in Savute and Khwai, I arrived with high expectations. The experience is very similar to the other two camps where staffs sing for you when you arrive.

All staff is locals including managers which was different from the other camps that was managed by South Africans. The Tents is pretty much the same as in the other two Orient-Express camps and feels very luxurious.

The Internet is the same story as in the other camps where it’s only possible to read e-mail at night time. The most important thing in a camp in is the service and safari. The service was very good with friendly staff, but in general, I like the service in Khwai and Savute more. The safari is a little bit different here than in the other camps as they both have helicopter and boat safari. Overall Savute is much better for safari, but Eagle Island was very interesting as well.

Overall a great Orient-Express experience, but the location helps them a lot to create that experience. I liked the staff and management more in Savute and Khwai, but the service was generally up to the standard of Orient-Express.

My opinion: Great experience.