Desroches Island

Desroches Island Resort is another high end private island resort in The Seychelles which gave me high expectations based on their high rates and great reviews.

Desroches is owned by an South African company and is quite bigger than the other private island resorts with it’s 50 rooms total. I stayed in a huge 4 bedroom villa which was quite nice and with easy access to the beach. For one person it felt like too much space, but the huge private swimming pool was very nice. I did experience problems with the privacy however. 2 times staff just walked in to the villa though the beach without asking for permission. The management apologized and agreed this was totally unacceptable. The villas are very well equipped with it’s own kitchen, dinner table and living room. Overall very nice, but I had seen it all before and was missing unique details.

Food is always very important in remote locations as you don’t have a second choice of going out. The food was very good and exceeded my expectations. The resort offers a lot of facilities, due to my short one night stay I didn’t try any, but really enjoyed having my own bike to explore the huge island. The most important thing is always the service and it was very good. It makes a difference having great staff from South Africa to support the locals. The service level between Desroches and Frégate is big, but Desroches is a newer resort and the potential is there. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful islands I’ve seen and I can highly recommend it, just keep in mind the value isn’t the best.

My opinion: Great experience.