Country Lodge and Tokeh Beach

Country Lodge is the best place to stay in the whole country of Sierra Leone. Country Lodge is located in the capital of Freetown and are at the moment going though a renovation and extension from the current 50 rooms to 100. The slogan of the hotel is “Country Lodge – where your comfort is in our hearts.” Comfort is the key selling point here. While the current product isn’t luxury, it’s a comfortable, safe place with complimentary internet, comfortable beds and good food. The future of Country Lodge looks promosing. The plan is to make it into an international 5-star hotel with the same service standards you find in other 5-star business hotels. In the meantime it’s worth to note the kind staff and I hope to return after the extention and experience a real 5-star business hotel in Sierra Leone.

While Country Lodge is business hotel, Tokeh Beach Resort, located an hour from Freetown, is the country’s best resort. It has basic rooms, friendly staff and good food. The reason to visit is definitely the incredible beach which are among the best I’ve experienced.

More 4 and 5 star hotels will open in Sierra Leone over the next few years and an international airport is about to open as well. There is a big hope that the country again will be a big tourist destination like it was before the war.

My opinion about both properties: Good experiences with potential to be great if the rooms gets improved.