Coco Ocean Resort and Spa

Coco Ocean is one of Gambias best hotels and definitely the best of the bigger hotels in the country. The entire hotel is contemporary designed including the comfortable rooms with complimentary internet.  The staff are very kind and they have some foreigners working in the resort as well to set the service standard. The beach is lovely and one of the highlights here as well as the beautiful designed swimming pool which was quite crowded during my stay.

My stay here was quite short, but I got a good impression of the place. It feels like a combination of a hotel in the Design Hotels-collection and your typical 5 star corporate hotel. Well run and works in all areas. The facilities included a bar, lounge, fitness centre and restaurants.

The bottom line is that Coco Ocean is for you that wants a 5-star hotel experience you have tried in other countries. It got an international feel instead of a local feel. The beach is a big plus as well and Coco Ocean is definitely one of the bests in Gambia, just not a very unique experience.

My opinion: Good+ experience.